The Number of Electric Buses in Moscow Continues to Grow: More than 1650 Vehicles Serve 120 Eco-friendly Routes

22 May 2024

Moscow is a leader in Europe in the development and use of electric buses. Today, more than 1650 electric buses serve almost 120 eco-friendly routes in the capital. Since the beginning of the year Mosgortrans has received 220 electric buses and expects about 600 new vehicles by the end of the year.
Compared to conventional buses, electric buses have a number of advantages. Replacing one bus with an electric bus reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 60 tons per year. Electric buses are quieter than buses, driving without noise and vibrations. The new models also have an increased range of up to 80 kilometers. The eco-friendly transport can operate in any weather, as it is charged from ultra-fast charging stations that are resistant to heat and extreme cold.
Comfort and safety 
The new electric buses increase passenger comfort and safety. Cell phones can be charged while traveling, and media screens show upcoming stops and travel times. The new models have adaptive lighting in the cabin and an electric heater that maintains an optimal temperature and minimizes environmental impact. There is a folding ramp for passengers with reduced mobility, and the driver also helps them get in and out of the cabin. Strollers and bicycles in the cabin of electric buses can be conveniently transported by placing them on a storage platform.

All electric buses produced by Russian manufacturers KAMAZ and GAZ Group are serviced under life cycle contracts. This means that the manufacturer is fully responsible for the technical serviceability of each electric bus during 15 years of operation. This guarantees the safety of transportation and passengers.
“We are the first in Europe in the number of electric buses. This type of surface public transportation is reliable, improves the ecology of the capital and enhances the quality of life of all Muscovites. The first Russian-made electric buses went on the route in September 2018. During this time, modern transport has already traveled almost 200 million kilometers, and more than 460 million trips have been made on it. We continue to make passengers' trips more comfortable, as instructed by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin,” said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

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