Skyworth Participated the Investment in the UAE Nanjing Special Session Exchange

13 May 2024

Recently, with the strong support of Nanjing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Nanjing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and other units, Jiangsu Overseas Cooperation Investment Co., Ltd. held a Nanjing special investment exchange meeting in UAE jointly with the Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in Shanghai. Muhannad Nakbi, Consul General of the UAE in Shanghai, and Zou Yonggang, General Manager of Jiangsu Haitou, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Skyworth Group participated in the exchange as a representative of the enterprise.
The Middle East is rich in solar thermal resources, suitable for the development of solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other clean energy. With the continuous growth of green electricity supply in the Middle East, new energy vehicles and electrically driven equipment will usher in rapid development. As China is a leading country in new energy technology, we will work with Arab countries to promote the global green energy industry, create a full-stack solution from wind and photovoltaic power generation to hydrogen production to energy storage to electric vehicles, and achieve sustainable regional economic development.
After 13 years of hard work, Skyworth Group has a full industrial chain product system of new energy vehicles and core components, with five integrated centers of "R&D, styling, smart manufacturing, procurement and marketing". It is one of the few new energy automobile enterprises in China that have a full range of vehicle types, master the core technology of "battery, electric motor and electronic control", and "develop both commercial and passenger vehicles simultaneously".
Skyworth Group attaches great importance to the "Belt and Road" market and will bring a series of new energy vehicles including pure electric SUV, pure electric bus, hydrogen fuel electric truck, driverless bus and other new energy vehicles to consumers in Arab countries.
It is believed that with the deepening of cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road, the export of China's new energy vehicles will also usher in more vigorous development. Skyworth Group will seize the opportunity to try to cooperate with local science and technology enterprises and universities to develop automotive products accurately. It will provide users with a more convenient new energy vehicle use environment by giving household charging piles and building public charging stations and other infrastructure, further improve the market adaptability of related products, and strive to achieve the goal of "building cars for Arab users".

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