Accelerating Overseas Expansion: Zhongtong Delivers 18m BRT Electric Buses to Portugal

26 April 2024

The globalization of independent bus brands is gathering pace, particularly in Europe, the birthplace of the world's buses. China bus manufacturers, led by Zhongtong Bus, are aggressively expanding their European footprint, leveraging their profound expertise in new energy solutions and extensive overseas promotion experience. This expansion contributes significantly to the green transformation and progress of local road traffic.

On April 25, 2024, Zhongtong officially handed over 35 units 18-meter BRT pure electric buses to Portuguese customers, marking a new milestone in the international journey of Chinese buses.

Zhongtong's New Energy Buses Gain a Foothold in Portugal

The delivered Zhongtong BRT pure electric buses represent the inaugural batch of 18-meter pure electric BRT buses in Portugal. Once deployed, these buses will operate in Coimbra, a historic Portuguese city, serving as a crucial transportation link between the city center and its suburbs.

This undertaking is a brand-new large-capacity electrified BRT project that Coimbra has undertaken in the last decade, covering the entirety of the city. Characterized by wide coverage, extensive mileage, and exclusive right-of-way, it will play a pivotal role in enhancing regional travel convenience. This project carries exemplary significance in Portugal and across Europe, with Zhongtong's pure electric BRT buses serving as a driving force.

Notably, this isn't the first time Zhongtong's new energy buses have made their way to Portugal. In 2021, the initial batch of Zhongtong pure electric buses was deployed in Porto, garnering unanimous praise from operators and locals. Subsequently, from 2022 onwards, Zhongtong's N8, V7, and other pure electric bus models have progressively entered the Portuguese market, emerging as a key component in the development of a green and intelligent transportation network in the region.

Currently, Zhongtong Bus holds the distinction of being the largest new energy bus supplier in Portugal, commanding a market share exceeding 50%. Zhongtong's pure electric buses are widely deployed across 11 prominent Portuguese cities, including Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Coimbra, and Setubal, serving a population exceeding six million.

"Chinese Solutions" Facilitate the Low-Carbon Transition of European Transport

The green and low-carbon development paradigm has emerged as a global consensus. In Europe, the advancement of the green economy has escalated to a strategic level.

In December 2019, the European Commission announced the "European Green Deal" to tackle climate change. Portugal, as a representative EU member state, unveiled its "2030 National Energy and Climate Plan" in 2020, aiming to expedite energy transformation and foster the growth of the green economy. Public transportation stands out as a critical reform area within this framework.

Amidst this backdrop, Chinese new energy bus companies that embrace renewable energy sources and seize opportunities at the forefront of industrial progress have launched a comprehensive expansion into the European market. This initiative offers a "Chinese solution" to facilitate the low-carbon, digital, and intelligent transformation of European public transportation.

Taking the Zhongtong N-series bus products operating in Porto as an exemple, these buses meet elevated user standards and requirements in terms of power, comfort, and safety. This is achieved through a reliable "three-electric" system and control strategy, high-standard NVH optimization, a suite of assisted intelligent driving technologies, noise reduction techniques, and the utilization of lightweight materials.

Reportedly, Zhongtong has also implemented adaptive improvements to the vehicle structure, aligning with EU regulations and the actual transportation situation in Porto. This not only enhances the convenience of vehicle operation and maintenance but also reduces the cost of subsequent vehicle use. Consequently, this initiative injects new vitality into local green development while emerging as a distinctive urban symbol of Porto.

Today, Zhongtong's new energy buses have not only firmly established themselves in the Portuguese market but have also been deployed in various European countries, including Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria. From Asia, Africa, and Latin America to Europe, Zhongtong Bus's international journey is progressively gaining momentum and breadth.

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