Dominican Vice President Welcomes the Arrival of 100 Units Zhongtong School Buses in Dominica

31 March 2024

Recently, a grand ceremony was held in Dominica to mark the handover of 100 units Zhongtong tailor-made school buses. Raquel Penavice, Vice President of Dominica, Angel Hernandez, Minister of Dominican Ministry of Education, together with a number of distinguished guests witnessed the historical moment. 
Raquel Penavice, Vice President of Dominica

After the handover ceremony, all the 100 units Zhongtong school buses were dispatched to Yuma, Peravia and other provinces under the management of TRAE to safeguard the travels for nearly 3,000 students across the country.
“We are very pleased that our kids could travel with such comfortable and beautiful buses to school”, said one local parent.
To suit the local working conditions, Zhongtong conducted thorough investigations and developed tailor-made school buses with yellow color for their main bodies, braking signal arms and alarming lamps, etc.  
At the handover ceremony, Dominican Vice President and Minister of Education congratulated on the delivery and operation of Zhongtong school buses in Dominica, saying Zhongtong school buses, with high-quality standards and impressive after-sales services, will provide unprecedented travel conveniences for school children in Dominica.
In 2022, Dominica established TRAE, a national school bus operation network, aiming to eliminate educational barriers and provide free, safer and more convenient transportation services for students.   

With tropical weather, Dominica is hot and humid all year around. Taking full consideration of the local climate, Zhongtong school buses have introduced advanced powerful air-conditioning systems and gone through special anti-corrosion treatments.
According to Zhongtong, more of its school buses will soon arrive in Dominica for operation. Apart from its school buses, Zhongtong currently have over 170 units city buses in smooth operation in the public transport network in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominica.

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