Foton AUV School Buses Safeguard Travels for Students in Beijing

25 March 2024

Since the start of the spring semester this year, a batch of Foton AUV school buses have been working smoothly in Xicheng District, Haidian District, Chaoyang District and Fengtai District.

Achieving high intelligence, high safety standards and high environmental friendliness, Foton AUV school buses are uniquely attractive in their appearance and create more comfortable traveling environment for students. On board, they have a number of student-friendly features, such as less pointed designs and more environmentally-friendly furnishings.

With dynamically attractive appearances, Foton AUV school buses are equipped with a host of advanced technologies and have highly resilient body structures which can withstand pressure of 700 MPa. Thanks to its upgraded BSD, a panoramic viewing system, ADAS, a front collision alarming system, a lane deviation alarming system, they ensures the safe travel for students on the road.

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