Foton Joins Hands with Irkeshtam Port in Xinjiang to Build One Belt & One Road

04 March 2024

On March 2, a meeting was held between Foton and Irkeshtam Port in Xinjiang to discuss the two parties’ cooperation in exporting Foton buses & coaches to the Central Asia. Chang Rui, President of Foton, Cui Shipeng, Deputy General Manager of Foton and President of Auman, Liu Xuguang, Vice President of Foton Marketing, Yan Zhiwen, President of Irkeshtam Port Investment Company, Zhu Xuesong, President of Wuqia Songyuan Logistics, An Wenle, Kashi Hongcheng Yuanjing, together with a number of distinguished guests attended the meeting.

According to Foton, it will work closely with Irkeshtam Port to facilitate the export of brand new and second-hand vehicles and promote greener and more efficient logistic services. Meanwhile, it will provide trucks for Xinjiang to help the autonomous region improve its supply chain and cut logistic costs.

Wuqia Songyuan Logistics is specialized in transporting and exporting vehicles and various commodities to Central Asian countries. Foton Auman heavy-duty trucks have long gained recognition from the logistic company. The two parties are determined to work together and increase the export volume of brand new and second-hand vehicles to Central Asia.

Thanks to China’s Belt & Road Initiative launched in 2015, Irkeshtam recorded an export volume of over 120,000 units vehicles in 2023, reaching a record high. Its daily export volume of vehicles also reached a record high of over 800 units.

In 2024, China’s Ministry of Commerce released guidelines on the export of second-hand vehicles. On March 1 this year, Xinjiang started exporting second-hand vehicles to Central Asia, Africa and some Southeast Asian countries. Irkeshtam Port, a key point connecting China with Central Asia and Europe, provides huge potentials for Foton’s overseas expansion.

In recent years, Foton has been making relentless efforts in going global. So far, it has exported over 460,000 units commercial vehicles to 60+ countries along the Belt and Road.

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