400 Units Foton AUV School Buses Start Operation in Beijing

22 February 2024

Recently, 4oo units Foton AUV school buses measuring 12-meter, 8-meter and 6-meter in length, were delivered to Beijing for operation, providing transportation services for primary and secondary students.

Before the autumn semester in 2023, Foton AUV put 100 units school buses in operation in Beijing. With consistently reliable performances, Foton AUV school buses are always punctual, saving unnecessary travels for many parents and cutting carbon emissions in urban areas.

Equipped with an all-carbon closed ring structure, Foton AUV school bus improves its resilience and stability substantially. Having gone through collision tests from different directions, it also introduces BSD blind spot detection system, widened rearview mirrors, power battery anti-collision beams, BC5 power batteries, all of which significantly improves the safety standards of the school bus.

Entirely powered by electricity, Foton AUV school bus has extra-soft seating and low-floor or two-step access. Its monitoring systems and panoramic viewing system on board provide extra protection for passengers on board.

As one of the leading players in China’s school bus industry, Foton AUV has won a number of awards and honors, including 2023 Best City Bus Brand, 2024 City Bus Award, 2023 Bus Technology Innovation Award.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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