Golden Dragon ASTAR Bus Hailing Services Gain Fast Growing Popularity in Zhejiang

January 15,2024

In Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, Golden Dragon ASTAR buses have been gaining a fast rising popularity among citizens since they started provide bus hailing services recently. Small but agile, they possess an uniquely attractive appearance, adding some new elements of style in the urban landscape. Connected with the Internet, they are able to deliver tailor-made point-to-point transportation services in urban areas. On board, Golden Dragon ASTAR bus has USB portals and provides passengers with spacious room.

“I ordered the bus hailing services online after I arrived at the high-speed railway station and did not wait long before the (ASTAR) bus came. It is much cheaper than taxis and I feel very comfortable. I love this bus”, said one passenger.

Another passenger surnamed Liu revealed that he took the Star bus everyday and the one trip fare is just 3 RMB. “I normally order the bus hailing services on my smart phone. It usually just takes a few minutes. Since I first took the (ASTAR) bus, I have been using the services for two years. I can’t imagine how I can survive without it”, added Mr. Liu.

“It (ASTAR) is more than just a bus and it is also highly flexible just like the taxi”, some local residents commented.

“After a thorough investigation, we purchased a batch of eight units Golden Dragon ASTAR buses in 2020 and put them immediately into bus-hailing services after their arrival. They have made urban travel much more convenient for people”, revealed Wang Jing, Deputy General Manager of Ninghai Public Transport Co., Ltd. With the competitive ticket price plus its convenience, ASTAR bus hailing service was soon in high demand. The local bus operator quickly made its second purchase of 12 units Golden Dragon ASTAR buses. Currently, the twenty units ASTAR buses receive about 1,600 bus hailing service orders everyday, allowing the local bus operator to see their daily operation revenue triple.

Golden Dragon has been working closely with bus operators, aiming to provide more customized transportation services for passengers, especially children and senior citizens.

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