Foton AUV Travel Buses Provide Diversified Transportation Services for Tourists in Wuyi Mountain

15 January 2024

On January 10, a grand ceremony was held in Wuyi Mountain to mark the delivery of a batch of Foton AUV travel buses to their customer. All equipped with advanced technologies, they are set to greatly upgrade the tourist transportation market in Wuyi Mountain and Nanping City in Fujian Province. Measuring from 8-meter to 13-meter in length, they include 13-meter BJ6132 with 56 seats, 12-meter BJ6122 with 50 seats, BJ6906 with 38 seats and 8-meter electricity powered BJ6816 with 34 seats. With different sizes and different power drivelines, they readily adapt to tourists’ diversified travel needs.

Foton AUV BJ6816 is one of the fists products of the bus maker and is particularly designed for commute services and short-distance tourist transportation services. Powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, it has a monocoque body structure with light-weight materials. Generating zero amount emissions, it provides passengers a more comfortable traveling environment with such amenities as lower-back cushions and armrests.

Foton AUV BJ6132 is mainly targeted at the long-distance tourist transportation market and high-end rental service market. With spacious room on board, it has overhead luggage racks.

Equipped with a number of advanced technologies, including a driving fatigue alarming system and a panoramic view system, Foton AUV BJ6122 achieves a much higher safety standard.

Mainly targeted at the high-end tourist transportation market and intercity transportation market, Foton AUV BJ6906 is highly agile and improves its fuel economy by over 10%. With elegant interior design, it creates a quieter and more comfortable traveling environment for passengers.

Wuyi Mountain, as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites and World Natural Heritage sites, attracts millions of tourists from both home and abroad each year. Wuyishan Linghang Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Wuyishan Linghang), is specialized in providing convenient tourist transportation services across provinces and cities and within scenic spots. With a fast growing presence in the market, it is committed to make travel more environmentally friendly.

As one of the leading players in China’s new energy bus industry, Foton AUV has made a number of major technological breakthroughs and contributed immensely to the commercial operation of electric buses and hydrogen fuel cell buses.

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