Foton AUV Holds New Energy Bus Global Partnership Conference

29 December 2023

Despite increasingly intensified global competition, Foton AUV made impressive achievements by closely working with its partners. On Dec. 23, it held Foton AUV New Energy Bus Global Partnership Conference in Guangdong Province to further sharpen its overall competitiveness. 66 Foton AUV suppliers attended the conference.

Fan Yongshan, Director of Overseas Supply Chain of Foton AUV New Energy Bus, presented the supply business report themed with Building a Green Supply Chain, Creating a Better Future for Bus Industry.

Qi Ruzhi, Vice Director of Foton AUV New Energy Bus Technological Research Institute, gave a speech themed with Working Together to Make Breakthroughs, Embracing Innovation.

Peng Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Foton AUV New Energy Bus CPC Committee, announced the list of 2023 Outstanding Suppliers.

Cai Enyu, President of Foton AUV, delivered a keynote speech on Upgrading Supply Chain and Enhancing International Competitiveness. While sharing his vision for the future, Mr. Cai remarked that it is of crucial importance for Foton AUV to work more closely with its partners and further upgrade its global supply chain. “By building long-term strategic cooperative ties, we will be able to create win-win situations for all parties and strengthen our overall competitiveness”, said Mr. Cai.

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