50 Units Foton AUV Electric Buses Equipped with Microvast Fast Recharging Batteries Arrive in South Korea for Operation

December 07,2023

Recently, 50 units Foton AUV electric buses equipped with Microvast fast recharging batteries arrived in South Korea, providing greener and more convenient public transportation services for local residents. According to sources, these buses start working from 5 am to 11 pm everyday, driving about 300 km. With a power storage of 299 kWh, each bus needs to get recharged two or three times each day and is able to operate smoothly with its air-conditioning system on.  
As one of the leading players in manufacturing power batteries for new energy vehicles, Microvast first entered South Korean market in early 2018. Its power batteries ensured the smooth operation of new energy buses for the 23rd Winter Olympic Games held in the country. After five year’s operation, Microvast power batteries have fully demonstrated their high reliability and high quality standards, helping the company to gain full recognition from South Korean Ministry of Land and Resources. Statistics show that over 700 sets of Microvast battery systems mounted on new energy buses can be found on 69 bus routes in 15 cities across South Korea. 
So far, Microvast power batteries powering electric buses, heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, and passenger vehicles are working smoothly in 220+ cities in 34 countries across the globe.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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