Huanghai Exports its Second Batch of Electric Buses to South Korea

December 05,2023

On November 30, Huanghai’s second batch of electric buses exported to South Korea this year officially embarked on the journey to their destination. According to the bus maker, the number of Huanghai buses working in several major cities in South Korea has exceeded 200 units.
Particularly designed for the customers in South Korea, its 11-meter, 10.9-meter and 9.6-meter electric buses have won certificates and operation permits from South Korean government, fully meeting local customers’ operation needs and requirements. 
Huanghai officially launched its research & development of new energy vehicles in 2006. One year later, it established Huanghai Electric Bus Research Institute. In June, 2009, the bus maker was given green light to manufacture new energy buses. In 2016, its new energy bus production base started operation. With its relentless efforts, Huanghai has been gained wide recognition in the new energy bus market both at home and abroad.  
In 2015, South Korean government rolled out subsidies for new energy vehicles in an effort to promote the commercial operation of more environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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