Zhongtong N18 City Bus Obtains EU WVTA Certificate

November 22,2023

Recently, Zhongtong N18 city bus successfully obtained EU 2018/858 WVTA certificate after the union officially implemented General Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 (GSR II). According to the bus maker, it is the first one in China to obtain the highly coveted certificate, fully demonstrating its formidable strengths and its commitment to providing competitive public transportation solutions for customers across the globe.

To further enhance the safety of vehicles, EU made some adjustments in terms of monitoring fatigue driving, protecting the vulnerable participants in traffic, and improving overall safety and incorporated them in GSR II.

To obtain EU WVTA certificate, vehicles must successfully pass dozens of tests on overall safety, cyber security, performances, environmental friendliness, and collision. With full compliance for cyber security management system (Regulation No.155) and for software update management system (Regulation No.156), Zhongtong has built cyber security management procedure and vehicle whole-life-cycle software update capacity.

Currently, Zhongtong has established a sound international certification system, greatly promoting its technological innovations and laying a solid foundation for its globalization.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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