Electric Buses Made in China is Revolutionizing the Public Transportation Market in Chile

October 27,2023

In recent years, Chilean government has been actively promoting new energy buses in its major cities. With advanced technologies and a proven track record of reliable performances, electric buses made in China has been revolutionizing the local public transportation market.

In Maipu located in the southeast of Santiago, Chile, there is the largest recharging station for electric buses in South America. According to sources, 114 units electric buses can get recharged at the same time in the station. In Maipu, passengers can take electric buses to Santiago and other nearby cities.

Nelson, a bus driver from Santiago, who was among the first batch of bus drivers to drive electric buses from China three years ago, revealed that he would be at STP bus terminal every morning in Maipu. When asked about his driving experience with China’s electric buses, he could hardly contain his admiration, saying that the driver’s cockpit is very comfortable and the bus drives very smoothly. “The air-conditioning system is superb and the breaking system is extremely reliable”, Nelson added.

As one of the mostly populated areas in Chile, Santiago, the capital city of Chile, has been making unremitting efforts to address the smogs and air pollution. Against such a backdrop, Andes Motor Group decided to introduce electric buses from China after a thorough investigation of the new energy bus industry. In just a few years, the number of electric buses has soared to 1,375 units from zero, accounting for 20% of the entire bus fleet in Santiago Metropolitan Area. “We wish to have a brand new public transport network that is entirely powered by electricity within the next 10 years in Santiago. Then, the total number of electric buses in Santiago will rise to 6,000 units and we will build one of the greenest public transport networks in the world”, said Rodriguez Sepulveda, General Manager of Andes Motor Group.

In 2022, Chile bought 1,022 units electric buses from China, making the largest new energy bus order from the overseas market in the year. After their arrival in the country, they have been working smoothly, becoming the most popular means of transport among local residents. On local social media, many Chileans have given positive feedback after taking electric buses made in China. “They (electric buses made in China) generate little noise and has WiFi services, air-conditioning systems, recharging portals for smart phones on board. Moreover, they have very comfortable seats and very spacious room for passengers.”

“Electric buses from China have greatly helped us combat air pollution in our country. We will continue to work closely with Chinese bus makers to put electric buses on the road across Chile”, said Jorge Daza, Vice-Minister of Chilean Ministry of Transport.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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