GK Drive Systems at the "Busworld show" 2023

09 October 2023

On October 7th, 2023, Busworld Europe opened at the Brussels Expo.

The three GK axles exhibited during the first day of the event have drawn significant attention. Two axles are showcased at this show for the first time: the brand new "e-driven" axle system BRE130 and the "low floor" driven axle BRA101DC90.

The BRE 130

In the last year, GK completed the development of his "e-drive" solution following the increasing demand for this application in the EV bus design.


Suitable for 10m~18m low floor buses

Deep drop E-Driven axle beam, more friendly for low-floor city bus design.

System package including axle, traction motor, Inverters and control software achieves cost-effectiveness and efficiency for vehicle manufacturers.

Weight optimization thanks to integrated design and mechanical parts reduction.

The BRA 101DC90

GK developed a new driven axle system suitable for low-floor, medium-sized city buses with a 19.5" tire size application.


Suitable for 8m~9.5m low-floor buses

Double reduction system.

Bus aisle width could reach over 580mm.

Suitable for 19.5 "tires and disk brakes

Optimized axle weight

Grinded high-quality gears for achieving lower noise levels

The Independent front axle system BFA 80I

Mainly suitable for 12m low floor and low entrance city buses, the GK BFA80I meet the increasing demand for "independent suspension" front axles, especially in the European market.


Especially suitable for 10~18m low floor and low entrance city buses.

IFS design improves the comfort for drivers and passengers.

Higher maneuverability in urban areas.

Optimized axle weight.

Available in both left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) versions.

Looking forward to meeting you at Brussels. You are welcome to visit GK booth No.918 located in Hall 9.

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