Golden Dragon Tops China’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Market with A Monthly Sales Reaching 216 Units

28 August 2023

According to China Auto Data Co., Ltd., Golden Dragon ranked the first place in China’s hydrogen fuel cell bus market in July with its monthly sales volume reaching 216 units. SAIC Maxus and Higer ranked the second and the third place in the market with the monthly sales volume reaching 170 units and 166 units respectively.

From January to July this year, Golden Dragon’s sales volume of hydrogen fuel cell buses stood at 246 units, ranking the fifth place in the market. In the same period, Higer, BAIC Foton, SAIC Maxus and Shaanxi Automobile Group topped the list with their sales reaching 317 units, 288 units, 270 units and 264 units respectively.

As one of the pioneers in China’s new energy bus industry, Golden Dragon is fully committed to promoting the commercial operation of hydrogen fuel cell buses. As early as 2010, the bus maker officially launched the development of hydrogen fuel cell buses. In just a decade, it has delivered its hydrogen fuel cell buses to a number of cities across China for commercial operation. In 2019, Golden Dragon hydrogen fuel cell buses made their way to Wuhan (Hubei Province), Jiashan (Zhejiang Province), Datong (Shanxi Province) for operation.

Apart from hydrogen fuel cell buses measuring 6-meter to 12-meter in length, Golden Dragon has also successfully developed light trucks and heavy-duty trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. These zero-carbon-emission vehicles provide urban sanitation services and frozen food logistic services, etc.

According to Golden Dragon, all its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have gone through a number of stringent tests, including collision tests, slope-climbing tests, reliability tests, working-in-extremely-cold-weather tests, etc.

On September, 29, Golden Dragon signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tan Kah Kee Innovation Laboratory, Xiamen University. According to the two parties’ agreement, they will work closely in the application of hydrogen fuel cells. In February, 2022, the project of Key Technologies and Application of High-Performance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses jointly completed by Golden Dragon and Xiamen university won Fujian Provincial First Prize for Tech Innovation.

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