Ankai Ready to Make Big Splashes in New Energy Bus Industry

25 July 2023

On July 24, Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Clustering Promotion Conference was held in Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui Province. Ankai and other major automakers in the province attended the conference.

According to Ankai, it will continue to adhere to a green and sustainable development mode driven by technological innovation. The bus maker will focus on research and development of new energy buses to meet the growing demands of customers across the globe. So far, it has developed 8-12 meter hydrogen fuel cell buses. With high energy efficiency, low costs and efficient hydrogen refilling and strong adaptability, its hydrogen fuel cell buses working in Liu’an have accumulated a total mileage of over 200,000 km.

In the autonomous driving sector, Ankai autonomous driving bus started operation in Shenzhen in 2017. Later, it successfully made its way to Wuhan, Tianjin, Hefei, Macau, etc. In late 2022, its third generation L4 autonomous driving buses were put into commercial service in Baohe District, Hefei. With the huge success of their operation, Ankai has accumulated rich experience in this sector.

Ankai officially launched the R&D and production of new energy buses in 2003. As the one of the first bus makers in China to obtain the operation permit for new energy buses, it has built China Electric Bus System Integration Engineering Research Center and Electric Bus System Development & Application Research Center. By working closely with some well-renowned research institutes, it has formed a multi-layered R&D system.

So far, Ankai has made a number of technological breakthroughs in whole vehicle system integration, electric driving system, whole vehicle control, internet of vehicles, etc. It has obtained 346 authorized patents, 96 invention patents. In the past three years, it hosted and participated in the formation of six state-level industrial standards, won eight major provincial-level and ministerial-level awards and shouldered seven state-level or provincial-level research projects.

Boasting a wide spectrum of new energy bus products for public transportation, tourist transportation, commuting service, urban sightseeing service, Ankai has independently developed electric motors, electric controls, CAN, battery management systems, hub motors and other key spare parts for electric buses, plug-in hybrid buses, hydrogen fuel cell buses and autonomous driving buses. It has successfully completed its fourth generation electric driving system, fourth generation whole vehicle control system and seventh generation electric bus development. With strong adaptability in a wide temperature range, Ankai new energy buses are extremely competitive in energy consumption, safety standards, intelligence and efficiency.

Having obtained certificate from EU and other countries and regions, Ankai has exported its new energy buses and coaches to many countries across the world, including France, Italy, Uruguay, Israel, Nigeria, South Korea, Japan, etc. In the first half of this year, Ankai electric buses made their way to France, Thailand, Jamaica, etc.

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