Jing-Jin Electric Attends 2022 Germany CTI Symposium

28 December 2022

From December 5 to 8, Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) attended 2022 Germany CTI Symposium, bringing its latest products on display, including 300 KW electric drive system, heavy-duty truck drive system, DirectFlux electromagnetic clutch, 800V SiC inverter, 2000R electric drive, induction motor, etc. With these products’ wide applications on new energy passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, JJE attracted many visitors from all over the world and aroused their keen interest.

JJE’s article on advanced direct-magnetic bistable electromagnetic clutch was also published on CTI magazine. During the symposium, JJE also held conversations and discussions with a number of industrial insiders and experts in the field of propulsion solutions.

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