6,000+ Units Higer New Energy Buses Shine Splendidly at FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

14 December 2022

The semi-finals of FIFA World Cup 2022 are soon to kick off in Qatar. During the one-month-long sports event, over 6,000 units Higer new energy buses have been providing green, smooth and highly efficient transportation services for football fans, media journalists and staff members of the organizing committee of the event.
Higer secured the first order of 500 units buses from Qatar in 2006 for Doha Asian Games. In 2022, the bus maker delivered 1,815 units new energy buses to Qatar prior the World Cup. Currently, over 6,000 units Higer buses are working smoothly in Qatar, playing a key role in many people’s daily lives in the country.  
According to Higer, its major bus models working in Qatar include its E series mid-coach KLQ6952 and Weilan series city bus. Fully adaptable to the local weather conditions, Higer buses & coaches are equipped with 7-inch G-BOS touch screens, vehicle intelligent management systems, driving fatigue alarming systems, etc., ushering in the new era of intelligent public transport in Qatar.
In recent years, Higer has greatly strengthened its presence in the overseas market. Since 2016, it has delivered several batches of E12 super-capacitor city buses to Israel. In South Korea, nearly 400 units Higer electric buses are working smoothly, topping all other bus brands from China.
In 2022, Higer’s six-generation 18-meter articulated city buses arrived in Serbia for operation and its 12-meter KLQ6129GHEV started operating on BRT routes in Pakistan. In addition, Higer electric bus, with a continuous driving distance of 300 km, has made its way to Brazil and other countries in South America.  
In the field of hydrogen powered buses, Higer successfully rolled out its first generation of hydrogen fuel cell buses in 2006. By working closely with Toyota, Sino-Hytec, etc., Higer has delivered hydrogen fuel cell buses and heavy-duty trucks to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiaxing and other cities for commercial operation. 
Since the debut of Higer G-BOS intelligent operating system in 2010, the number of vehicles equipped with the system has exceeded 140,000 units, laying the solid foundation for its continued success.
In 2019. Higer L4-level Pro-Blue mini-bus entirely powered by electricity officially made its debut. Equipped with seven major state-of-art technologies, such as self-driving controller and chassis wire control, the mini-bus started operation in Suzhou in 2021. In September, 2022, Higer’s first 5G-connected self-driving bus Qingyuan made its debut in Suzhou, further promoting vehicle-road synergy. 

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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