Higer Electric Buses Successfully Accomplish Transportation Tasks at COP27

25 November 2022

On November 20, the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as COP27, officially came to a close in Egypt. One of the major achievements of the conference is the establishment of Loss and Damage Fund. During the conference, 30 units Higer electric buses were designated as the carriers, providing carbon-free transportation services.
From November 6 to 20, 30 units Higer electric buses accumulated a total mileage of 45,000 km and provided carbon-free transportation services for over 30,000 distinguished guests and participants. Compared with fossil fuel powered buses, Higer electric buses drive more smoothly and deliver more powerful performances. Moreover, they generate less noises and help bus operators cut operation costs by 55%.    
By cooperating with GB Group from Egypt, Higer officially launched a KD project specialized in producing new energy city buses locally in 2020. All the 30 units Higer electric buses were manufactured locally in Egypt and they completed their assembly in just 15 days. 
“All participants of COP27 are very pleased to see the operation of Higer electric buses in Egypt”, said Mr. Laurent, COO of the Commercial Vehicle Department of GB Group. “We have 100% confidence in Higer. It (Higer) is bound to play a leading role in the electric bus sector in Egypt”, said Mr. Mohamed, Vice President of the Commercial Vehicle Department of GB Group. 
As one of the leading players in the new energy bus industry, Higer entered Africa in 2004. So far, it has delivered nearly 20,000 units buses & coaches to over 40 countries and regions in Africa. Apart from Africa, over 30,000 units Higer new energy buses & coaches  have been put into operation in the UK, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, etc. Currently, Higer boasts a wide spectrum of new energy buses & coaches measuring from 4-meter to 18-meter in length. Its latest generation new energy city buses connected with Internet have already sold over 5,000 units both at home and abroad.

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