Foton AUV BJ6906 and BJ6116 Intercity Buses Arrive in Dalian for Operation

November 04,2022

Recently, a batch of Foton AUV BJ6906 and BJ6116 intercity buses were officially delivered to Dalian Ruide Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dalian Ruide) for operation.

Foton AUV BJ6906 intercity bus excels in design, safety, efficiency and travel experience. With a wider aisle, added special pads for passengers’ lower-backs, a driver-friendly cockpit, USB portals for recharging electronic devices, more comfortable seats with ergonomic designs, the bus is readily adaptable to commuting services and customized transportation services.

Foton AUV BJ6116 intercity bus has massaging chairs on board, which offer extra protection for passengers’ necks and lower backs. Achieving higher reliability and higher safety standards, it is targeted at the high-end commuting services in urban areas.

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