Golden Dragon Buses Provide Smooth Commuting Services for Daqing Oilfield

October 19,2022

In recent years, Golden Dragon has delivered a number of buses and coaches to Daqing Oilfield Commuting Service Co., Ltd., including 9-meter Splendor, 7-meter Kast, and Light bus, etc.

According to Huang Xinwei, Deputy General Manager of Equipment Management Department of Daqing Oilfield Commuting Service Co., Ltd., the oilfield has been in cooperation with Golden Dragon for many years. With high quality and high reliability, Golden Dragon buses have been playing a vital role in providing smooth and comfortable commuting services for workers on the oilfield.

Unlike the urban commuting services, the commuting service on oilfields often involve long-distances and long hours. Thus, Golden Dragon buses usually drive hours. Their comfortable and quiet interior has long won the hearts of workers, enabling them to rest well while on the road. In addition, Golden Dragon buses have to cope with extremely harsh weather and road conditions.

Established over sixty decades ago, Daqing Oilfield Commuting Service Co., Ltd. operates over 2,200 units vehicles of different sizes and boasts over 3,400 employees, providing commuting services for over 80,000 workers on the oilfield.

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