Foton AUV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus on Display at 2022 Global Energy Transition Forum

22 September 2022

On Sept. 17, 2022 Global Energy Transition Forum was held at Future Science Park, Beijing. Foton AUV attended the forum and put on display BJ6122 hydrogen fuel cell bus, showcasing its latest achievements in development of hydrogen fuel cell bus.

Equipped with the fifth generation hydrogen fuel cell technologies, Foton AUV BJ6122 has already won over customers and experts alike, who have been deeply impressed by its sustainability and practicability. Thanks to its 70 MPa hydrogen storage system and 150 kW engine, BJ6122 is able to realize a range of over 600 km after a hydrogen refill in just 10-15 minutes. In addition, it works smoothly in extremely cold weather and can start at -30℃ and remain unharmed when the temperature drops to -40℃.

As one of the pioneers in China’s bus-making industry, Foton AUV started cooperation with Tsinghua University in developing hydrogen fuel cell buses and successfully developed China’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus.

In 2008, Foton AUV hydrogen fuel cell buses were put for demonstration operation at Beijing Olympic Games. In 2012, they officially jointed the bus fleet of Beijing Public Transport Group. In 2016, Foton AUV secured the world’s biggest order of hydrogen fuel cell buses. In 2022, a record number (1,223 units) of Foton AUV buses, including 515 units hydrogen fuel cell buses, provided transportation services at Beijing Winter Olympic Games. During the high-profile event, Foton AUV hydrogen fuel cell buses accumulated a total mileage of 1.888 million km and cut carbon emissions by 1,075 tons.

Currently, Foton AUV boasts a number of internationally competitive technologies for hydrogen fuel cell buses, including super-large hydrogen storage, powerful engines for hydrogen-powered buses, heat management and cold start technologies for hydrogen fuel cell buses working in extremely cold weather conditions, whole vehicle assembly technologies for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, etc.

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