6,000 Higer Buses Serve FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

21 September 2022

Better Higer, Better Together

On September 20, the 60-day countdown began for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Representatives of Higer special service team, a world sports event service provider, "took an oath" before the clock of the countdown to the FIFA World Cup Qatar, making a guarantee to provide the best service for the event. As the No.1 brand of Chinese buses in Qatar, Higer Bus arranged 6,000 buses for the coming World Cup, with its professional service team fully prepared. They will serve the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with high-quality products and high-standard services. Higer Bus will share the passion and glory of the World Cup with global fans as a response to its slogan "Better Higer, Better Together".

With the Courage to Assume Important Tasks and Overcome Challenges, Higer Bus Officially Entered the "World Cup Time"

With two months to go before the World Cup kicks off, Doha will officially enter the final stage of preparations. At the oath-taking site of Doha, the special service team of Higer Bus gathered from more than ten services centers to start a new journey to serve the FIFA World Cup Qatar with full enthusiasm. In the future, the special service team of Higer Bus will coordinate the personnel of multiple suppliers and service centers to go to the site to support, and ensure that the World Cup can be held successfully.

Sun Xinguang, a service engineer of Higer Bus in Qatar, said, "Higer has a professional service team of more than 100 people, including service engineers, service technicians, parts engineers and technical support engineers, to cooperate with the Organizing Committee to complete the test of the World Cup support services. At the scheduled time, we will go to more than ten service centers according to the needs of event operation to continuously provide service support."

It is reported that this is the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East in history. The population of Doha is about 1 million. During the World Cup, millions of fans from all over the world will flock to Doha, which will pose a serious challenge to local transportation and service assurance. Higer Bus has been in the Qatar market for 16 years, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 6,600 units and a market share of over 80%, ranking first among Chinese bus brands. Higer buses can be seen everywhere on the streets of Qatar, making it the first choice for local people to travel. As a vehicle provider with 16-year experience in local sales and service, Higer Bus undoubtedly has the confidence to undertake the service assurance work of this World Cup.

" The service team for World Cup is an elite team with excellent experience elaborately built by Higer Bus," said Liu Xin, Director of the Overseas Customer Service Department of Higer Bus, indicating that "From the 2018 FIFA World Cup to this year's Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Higer Bus has a complete set of mature and perfect service assurance processes and plans for major events. Since the beginning of the new year, we have sent our key staff to Doha to provide customer training, spare parts supply guarantee, new vehicle PDI and vehicle maintenance despite the adverse impact of the pandemic overseas, hoping to bring more comfortable travel experience to fans from all over the world with professional and efficient services during the World Cup."

Higer Bus Has Gained a Foothold in Qatar with Its Abundant Internal Strength and Rich Experience

In response to China's Belt and Road Initiative, Higer Bus has worked hard to develop the Qatar market with its excellent products, quick response and efficient services, becoming the first Chinese bus brand to enter the local market. In addition, it has been continuously developing the market, ranking the first place among Chinese brands in the market over the past 16 years.

To effectively maintain the high-intensity traffic support of this World Cup, Higer Bus won the order of 1,815 vehicles for the World Cup Qatar in 2020, making it the largest batch order in the history of exporting large and medium-sized buses to Qatar from China. By then, 6,000 Higer buses will be seen all over Qatar, creating a strong "rear defense" for the Qatar World Cup.

In fact, Higer Bus is an "old friend" of Qatar sports events, and has rich experience in serving large-scale sport events locally. As early as 2006, the torch of the 15th Asian Games was lit in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and 500 Higer buses provided professional and efficient transportation support services for the Asian Games in Qatar. This is the first time that China's buses have gone abroad to serve major international events, creating the largest batch order of China's buses exported to Qatar at that time.

In 2021, the FIFA Arab Cup, the largest football event in the Arab region, was held in Qatar. A total of 16 Arab teams participated in the match. With the witness of Qatar's nationals, royal family and many international footballers, more than 1,000 Higer buses provided services for the event, successfully completing the transportation guarantee task. This support service is a warm-up and training for Higer Bus to serve the World Cup Qatar, and also a "touchstone" to test the service quality of Higer Bus.

Facing the upcoming world-class sports competition FIFA World Cup Qatar, Higer Bus will become a new calling card of "Made in China" by virtue of its excellent product quality and efficient five-star service. With the slogan "Better Higer, Better Together", Higer will keep pace with the "world".

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