Powered by FOTON! Australia’s First batch of Hydrogen City Buses have arrived

30 August 2022

It’s known that zero-emission buses are critical to the future of transit, hydrogen is one of the ideal new energy. As one of the leader in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell buses in the global field, FOTON has already delivered over 1,000 units hydrogen fuel cell buses to its customers across the globe. With a proven track record in delivering highly reliable and environmentally-friendly performances, all together these zero-carbon-emission vehicles have accumulated a total mileage of over 13 million kilometers. Thanks to its relentless hard work in the past decade, FOTON has successfully developed a hydrogen fuel cell system that allow buses to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Benefit from mature hydrogen fuel cell technology and commercial operation experience, more customers has added FOTON to public transportation system to grow green fleet of sustainable transport solutions, FOTON in Australia is an example. On August, 18, two units of Foton AUV hydrogen fuel cell buses were officially handed over to Kelsian Group,added to Transit Systems growing green fleet of sustainable transport solutions, which now includes 60 electric buses and two hydrogen buses – making Transit Systems, which is part of the Kelsian Group, Australia's most experienced sustainable public transport operator. As the first hydrogen fuel cell bus brand entering Australian market, FOTON hydrogen powered buses are expected to operate commercially soon, ushering in a brand new era of public transportation for local residents.

“The arrival of FOTON hydrogen fuel cell buses marks a new milestone for us, positioning us as the most environmentally friendly bus operator in Australia. By working closely with Australian government, we are committed to playing a key role in achieving sustainable development”, said Clint Feuerherdt, CEO of Kelsian Group. “FOTON is definitely making history in building green public transport in Australia”, Greg Balkin stressed, COO of Transit Systems.

As one of the pioneering players in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry, FOTON has already realized commercial operation in the whole industrial chain, ranging from hydrogen production, storage, transportation to refilling. In 2008, its first generation hydrogen fuel cell buses successfully accomplished their transportation tasks during Beijing Olympic Games. In 2022, its fifth generation fuel cell buses again appeared at Beijing Winter Olympic Games, becoming the largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet ever serving the high-profile event.

Apart from its hydrogen fuel cell buses, FOTON electric heavy-duty trucks, light trucks and mini-trucks have all made their presence abroad, bringing revolutionary changes to the global commercial vehicle market. Featuring lighter body weight, more loading capacity and longer continuous driving distances, Foton new energy vehicles, which fully represent zero-emission transportation solutions, are blazing a new trail for the global transportation market.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

Editor : Isabella


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