Ankai S6 School Buses Ready to Serve School Children in Coming Autumn

19 August 2022

The autumn semester is approaching soon. According to Ankai, its third generation S6 series school buses are now fully prepared to serve school children in many cities across China.

With 19 seats, Ankai S6 series school buses have two different models for kindergarten children and primary school students. Drivers with B drivers’ license are qualified to drive them.

Adopting a closed-ring body structure and high-quality chassis for school buses, Ankai S6 series school buses are equipped with newly developed warning lamps, signal arms for making a stop and panoramic view mirrors. With high agility, they can work smoothly on roads in both urban and rural areas. Thanks to their intelligent safety devices on board, they monitor the road conditions more closely and help drivers effectively prevent traffic accidents. In all, they achieve higher safety standards, higher intelligence and higher maneuverability and they fully ensure the safety of their passengers on board.

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