Foton AUV Electric Intercity Bus BJ6117 Provide Greener Transportation Services for “Two Sessions”

March 17,2022

At the recently held NPC and CPPCC sessions, also known as “Two Sessions”, Foton AUV electric intercity bus BJ6117 was once again designated as the only new energy carrier for the high-profile event. For four consecutive year, the vehicle has served the “Two Sessions” and has received wide acclaims from delegates.

Currently, low-carbon lifestyle is becoming a new trend in China. As one of the pioneers in China’s new energy bus industry, Foton AUV is committed to developing and marketing more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly buses & coaches for passengers across the globe. Apart from BJ6117, Foton AUV has rolled out BJ6129 city bus and BJ6122 intercity bus, both of which attracted keen interest at 2021 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components.

In addition, Foton boasts a wide spectrum of new energy buses & coaches (6-meter to 18-meter in length) powered by fuel cells, electricity, hybrid power, natural gas. In the hydrogen fuel cell bus sector in particular, Foton AUV has made impressive achievements, with hydrogen fuel cell bus models measuring 8.5-meter, 10.5-meter and 12-meter in length, which are targeted for varied transportation market.

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