King Long Medical Vehicles Play a Vital Role in Fighting Against COVID-19

October 12,2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, King Long, one of the leading bus makers in China, has rolled out new medical vehicles to help the globe fight against the infectious disease, including vaccine transportation vehicle, vaccination vehicle, nucleic acid testing vehicle, nucleic acid sampling vehicle, negative pressure ambulances and CT scanning vehicles.

When new cases of COVID-19 emerged in Fujian province in mid September, King Long delivered new CT scanning vehicles, nucleic acid sampling vehicles, vaccine transportation vehicles to several medical centers in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Fuzhou.

Recently, King Long delivered 88 units negative pressure ambulances and 18 units nucleic acid testing PCR labs to Hebei province, two units nucleic acid testing vehicles to Ningbo, 3 units CT scanning vehicles and 5 units vaccine transportation vehicles to Fujian province.

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