Zhongtong Buses Played a Vital Role in the Peak Travel Season

October 11,2021

According to the latest statistics released from China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 515 million people made their travel during the week-long National-Day Holiday, about 70.1% of that recorded in the same period in 2019.

Thanks to the steady recovery of the tourism and transportation industries, transportation hubs, including bus stations, railway stations and airports across China, once again saw people gather in huge crowds. In these seven days, Zhongtong buses & coaches were busy, transporting passengers and tourists to their destinations and providing them with more conveniences and travel comforts.

According to Zhongtong, its buses and coaches are now equipped with advanced NVH, ergonomically designed seats, adjustable curtains and stereos, making the travel on the road more relaxing. In addition, their high-strength closed-ring body structures and smarter active & passive safety systems fully guarantee a safe and comfortable travel for all passengers.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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