Foton AUV BJ6117 Electric Intercity Bus: A Trend-Setter in New Energy Bus Industry

September 29,2021

Measuring 11-meters in length, Foton AUV BJ6117 electric intercity bus has played a major role in China’s annual two sessions for several consecutive years. It has also served at a number of other high-profile events across China.

Featuring higher energy efficiency, more travel comforts, unique designs, and internet-connectedness, Foton AUV BJ6117 electric intercity bus adopts a new generation of driving technology and thus is able to drive 285 km continuously.

Thanks to its monocoque body structure, modular design and light-weight materials, Foton AUV BJ6117 is particularly efficient in saving energy. In addition, it has further lowered its wind drag by 15%.

On board, Foton AUV6117 has ergonomically designed seats with more environmentally-friendly materials, creating a more comfortable traveling environment for passengers.

Having gone through a series of stringent tests in some working environment with high/low temperatures or high humidity, Foton AUV6117 is readily adaptable to various demanding working conditions.

iTink Vehicle Management System helps Foton AUV6117 further integrate the management of bus drivers, passengers, vehicles and roads.

Powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, the intercity bus has e-AIR Intelligent Circulation System, which helps the engine stay at a constant temperature and humidity level and thus further improves the bus’ overall safety standards.

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