Weichai’s Operating Revenue Reached 12.639 Billion RMB from January to June

September 06,2021

According to Weichai, its operating revenue reached 12.639 billion RMB in the first half of 2021, up by 33.8% year on year. In the same period, its net profits attributable to shareholders stood at 6.43 billion RMB, up by 37.4%. In addition, its basic earnings per share reached 0.80 RMB.

From January to June, Weichai sold 671,000 units engines, up by 42.8% year on year; it sold 802,000 units transmission gearboxes, up by 32.4% year on year; in addition, its sales volume of axles reached 638,000 units, up by 19.5% year on year.

In the same period, Weichai sold 339,000 units engines for heavy-duty trucks and its market share went up by 3.2 percentage points, reaching 32.4%; its sales volume of engines with China’s National VI Emission Standards ranked the first place in the market, up by 108% year on year; its sales volume of engines for non-road vehicles jumped by 43.1% year on year, reaching 177,000 units; in the high-end market, its large bore engine realized a sales revenue of 520 million RMB, up by 24.2% year on year; in the high-end medium- and large-excavator market, Weichai recorded a sales income of 290 million RMB in the domestic market, up by 27.3% year on year.

By establishing strategic cooperation with Switzerland-based Fischer Spindle Group Ltd., Weichai has been continuously strengthening its overall competitiveness in the fuel cell battery market. It has already built a production base which fully integrates the R&D, testing and manufacturing of fuel cell batteries. In March this year, China’s National Fuel Cell Battery Technology Innovation Center, a project led by Weichai, successfully gained approval from the government.

Also in the first half of this year, Weichai’s plug-in hybrid power driveline made its debut; a heavy-duty truck equipped with 160 kW hydrogen fuel cells successfully completed a series of tests in extremely cold weather; in addition, vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platforms, aircraft tractors, forklifts equipped with Weichai power batteries made their way to a number of overseas markets. The world’s first electricity powered bulldozer is equipped with Weichai power driveline.

According to Weichai, its controlling subsidiary, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. continued to optimize its corporate structure and diversify its product line in the first half of this year. The company sold 117,000 units heavy-duty trucks from January to June, up by 32.4% year on year. The sales of logistic vehicles accounted for 61% of its total sales. In the port tractor vehicle market, sand & stone transporting vehicle market, the company continued to play a leading position.

Thanks to the continued recovery of industrial vehicle market and service market, Weichai’s controlling subsidiary in the overseas market, KION Group AG realized a sales revenue of 4.968 billion euros, up by 26.5% year on year. Its supply chain solutions, led by Dematic, saw their sales revenue jump by 52.8% year on year and net profits reach 290 billion euros, up by 480% year on year. With the recovery of the global economy, its operating revenue in 2021 is expected to grow by 16%-23% year on year, reaching 9.7 billion - 10.3 billion euros.

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