Yinlong Sales of New Energy Buses Reached New Highs

18 August 2021

According to the latest statistics, China sold 19,373 units new energy buses (7-meter in length and above) from January to July. In the same period, Yutong sold 4,409 units new energy buses with a market share of 22.76%. BYD came the second with a sales volume of 2,341 units new energy buses and a market share of 12.08%. CRRC Electric ranked the third place with a sales volume of 1,845 units new energy buses and market share of 9.52%. Yinlong sold 1,399 units buses with a market share of 7.22%, ranking the fourth place in the market.

In July, China’s sales volume of new energy buses reached 2,619 units. In the same month, Yutong sold 665 units new energy buses with a market share of 25.39%. CRRC Electric came the second with a sales volume of 427 units new energy buses and a market share of 16.30%. Yinlong sold 420 units buses with a market share of 16.04%, ranking the third place in the market.

According to New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035), more efforts will be made to promote the sound and sustainable development of new energy vehicle industry. As a technology-oriented enterprise, Yinlong is committed to making technological innovations and cutting carbon emissions. So far, Yinlong buses equipped with lithium titanate batteries have fully demonstrated their high reliability.

In earlier 2021, Yinlong New Energy Testing Center successfully passed the assessment of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), laying a solid foundation for the company’s R&D and manufacturing of new products.

In addition, Yinlong has already been qualified for testing hydrogen fuel cell buses. Earlier this year, Yinlong hydrogen fuel cell buses started operation in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, successfully going through a series of stringent tests in harsh working conditions.

Yinlong has been listed on 2021 Guangdong Standardized Pilot Enterprise and has also been certified by Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center. Moreover, it has won Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Safety & Energy-saving Engineering Research Center and China Quality Association Quality Technology Award-Reliable Management Project. Yinlong new energy buses have successfully made their way to Chongqing, Panzhihua, Benxi, Fuzhou, and Xiong’an.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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