Zhongtong Rolls Out New Shijia Coach for the Travel Market

August 04,2021

Zhongtong recently released its new Shijia coach for the travel market, which immediately aroused keen interest among the bus operators.

The new Shijia coach creates a more comfortable working environment for drivers, providing unprecedented driving experience.

In the passenger area, each row has only three seats, offering more spacious room for each passenger. In addition, it has cup holders, USB portals and reading lamps for passengers.

In addition, passengers can easily open its luggage compartment by the two up-and-down handles on the side of the coach.

Maintenance workers can press one button and thus quickly check the coach’s heal conditions. It is also more convenient to repair the coach’s radiator.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

Editor : Lucy

Tags: Zhongtong tourist bus

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