King Long Electric Buses Gain Growing Popularity in South Korea

July 28,2021

On July 23, a batch of King Long electric buses XMQ6106AGWE started operation in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, marking the official entry of King Long into the country.

King Long Electric Buses Gain Growing Popularity in South Korea

Measuring 11-meter in length, XMQ6106AGWE electric bus has a low-floor access. With large-capacity batteries and high power recharging posts, the bus can be recharged with two recharging posts at the same time. After getting fully recharged, it is able to drive over 300 km (over 20 hours) each day.

According to King Long, it secured the deal in 2019. Then, it conducted thorough research on the related laws and regulations as well as local passengers’ special needs and requirements. King Long technical team and marketing team were also working closely with King Long International Trade Company and have further optimized the bus.

Despite all the difficulties posed by COVID-19, King Long manufactured two units sample buses and delivered them to Gyeonggi-do in June, 2020 for trial operation.

During the three-month trial operation, the two units King Long XMQ6106AGWE buses gained wide recognition among local passengers. The rest 43 units were delivered to South Korea in four batches.

King Long Electric Buses Gain Growing Popularity in South Korea

To better serve the bus operator in South Korea, King Long International Trace Company sent an experienced after-sales team.

So far, King Long has already established a well-connected after-sales network across the globe with over 100 after-sales service engineers stationed overseas. In addition, it has successfully developed intelligent Cloud Service Platform to provide more timely after-sales services to customers.

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