Microvast First Generation Lithium Titanium Batteries Have Well Stood the Test of Time in Ten Years

April 30,2021

In April this year, Microvast’s first generation lithium titanium oxide (LpTO) batteries, after working smoothly on Bus Route No.687 in Chongqing for ten years, officially retired. Later testing shows that the battery wear is less than 6% and the battery’s life span is far longer than that of the bus.

In ten years’ operation, Microvast’s LpTO batteries have fully demonstrated their high reliability, high safety standards and high recharging efficiency. Their consistently stable performances will lay a solid foundation for Microvast’s future market expansion.

Back in April, 2011, Chongqing introduced the first batch of electric buses equipped with LpTO batteries. Known as the City Built on Mountains, Chongqing has extremely demanding requirements for electric buses. On bus route No. 687 with a two-way distance of 20 km, each electric bus equipped with LpTO batteries has accumulated a mileage of nearly 650,000 km. Their smooth operation has helped Microvast to secure more orders from the city. Later, the second and the third generation Microvast LpTO batteries all made their way to Chongqing Public Transport. Currently, 2,045 units electric buses working in Chongqing are equipped with Microvast’s batteries with LpTO powered driveline accounting for 70% of the new energy bus fleet.

Having established highly integrated battery R&D network, Microvast has a formidable presence throughout the whole industrial chain, which fully ensures the high quality of its battery products. Having set up its R&D centers in Germany, USA and China, the company has already obtained over 400 patents in China.

With its relentless efforts and huge investments, Microvast won 2021 Lithium Battery Development & Application Award at the 15th China Bus Influence Annual Event. Buses equipped with Microvast batteries have been working smoothly in over 190 cities in 19 countries across the globe, reaching an accumulated mileage of over four billion km.

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