King Long Buses Provide More Convenient Transportation Services for Commuters in Guangzhou

April 28,2021

Recently, Guangzhou Public Transport Group joined hands with King Long and launched the trial operation of new energy buses on several bus routes. Through the trial operation, the bus operator aims to gain a deeper understanding of King Long new energy buses’ technological advantages, their adaptability and passengers’ feedback, thus speeding up the construction of greener public transport network.

King Long XMQ6900FGBEV, XMQ6115FGBEV and XMQ6601 electric mini-bus have been put into service on two bus routes which connect subway stations with residential communities, software parks and innovation parks.

Surely an eye-catcher on the road, King Long electric buses have incorporated a host of advanced technologies, including four-airbag independent suspension wheel rim driving systems, intelligent heat management overall control technologies, vehicle control units (VCU) with 32-bit duel-core, intelligent connected vehicle technologies, etc. With wider aisles and more spacious standing areas, they can easily meet the surge of passenger flows during the rush hours.

“I really like the one-step access. Moreover, (King Long) bus has more spacious room”, said a passenger surnamed Chen, beaming with a big smile. “(King Long) bus looks very futuristic and generates little noise”, added another passenger.

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