31 Units Higer CNG Buses Being Exported to Israel

07 April 2021

Recently, 31 units Higer CNG buses have been delivered from the production base of the park to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel successfully, and will be used for the upgrade project of local public transportation. It is significant that the Higer delivers the CNG bus to the high-end market in batches for the first time up to now.

The 31 12-meter low-entry natural gas buses delivered this time have fashionable design and spacious and comfortable interior space, which improves the riding comfort. The design scheme for the engine accessory system is comprehensively optimized with the further energy consumption reduction. Meanwhile, according to Israel's geographical and cultural environment and usage requirements, many adaptive designs have been made, which fully satisfy the EU certification and local laws and regulations in Israel.

As the capital, Tel Aviv, the largest city in Israel encounters with the development of economy, Tel Aviv is also facing increasingly environmental pollution. The local government attaches great importance to it and energetically promotes the environmental-friendly energy bus to replace the traditional energy bus. The adoption of the CNG natural gas engine will reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and protect the local environment effectively with the operating cost reduction and green public transportation system establishment.

According to the report, based on the route and passenger flow, these vehicles will be put into operation in batches in Capital Tel Aviv to serve local citizens and tourists from all over the world, and become a splendid landscape in the city.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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