Asiastar Saw its Bus Sales Grow 57% in October

November 13,2020

On November 5, Yangzhou Asiastar Bus Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Asiastar) revealed that its bus sales jumped by 57% against that in September. More specifically, its sales of mid coaches jumped by 181% against that in the previous month while its sales of large buses went up by 5%.

This year, Despite the negative impacts brought by COVID-19, Asiastar buses were put into operation in Puyang, Shanghai, Ukraine and Congo. So far, it has built a well-connected marketing and after-sales network across the globe, fully ensuring the timely delivery of its buses and spare parts as well as its after-sales services to its customers worldwide.

On August 14 this year, Asiastar held a special conference, mapping out its future development path and setting ambitious goals for its growth in the next five years.

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