700 Units Ankai Buses Delivered to Overseas Markets for Operation in May,2020

June 02,2020

In May, 700 units Ankai buses and coaches were delivered to the overseas markets for operation.

So far, the number of Ankai buses and coaches operating in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 10,000 units, making Ankai the leading bus brand in the country.

In 2007, Ankai started exporting buses and coaches to Saudi Arabia. Since then, the bus maker has been maintaining a robust growing momentum in the country. In 2011, Ankai delivered 3,000 units school buses to Saudi Arabia. Later, it exported 1,200 units A9 luxury coaches to the country.

With extremely demanding weather conditions in Saudi Arabia, buses and coaches working in the country must meet stringent requirements. Ankai buses and coaches, with competitive loading capacity and unparalleled travel comforts for passengers, have provided greener transportation services for hundreds of and thousands of people and helped bus operators achieve better profit margins.

To better serve its local customers, Ankai has also built well-connected after-sales services in Saudi Arabia, making sure that customers’ concerns and problems can be addressed in an immediate manner.

With a rising reputation in Saudi Arabia, Ankai has also seen its market shares grow steadily in the Middle East and Africa. In addition, it has successfully made a visible presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, South Korea, etc.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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