Yutong Sold 5,156 Units Buses & Coaches in Q1

April 17,2020

Recently, Yutong officially released a business report, showing that the bus maker produced 1,976 buses & coaches in March, down by 54.40% year on year; it sold 1,874 units buses & coaches, down by 55.77% year on year.
More specifically, Yutong produced 963 units large-sized buses & coaches, down by 44.27% year on year; 489 units medium-sized buses & coaches, down by 76.12% year on year; 524 units light buses, down by 5.92% year on year. In the same month, it sold 865 units large-sized buses & coaches, down by 47.03% year on year; 394 units medium-sized buses & coaches, down by 79.25% year on year; 615 units light buses, down by 12.77% year on year.
Along with the resumption of its production and the rising demand for buses & coaches in the market, Yutong launched several marketing campaigns online, receiving over 10 million viewers. By inviting bus experts, experts in disease control, bus operators, managers from scenic spots, charity organizations, schools to voice their concerns and share their experiences, Yutong aims to further raise the public’s awareness of public health.     
From January to March, Yutong’s production and sales volume reached 5,504 units and 5,156 units respectively, down by 47.69% and 51.26% respectively.
On March 18, at the 14th Great Influence to China Bus Industry, jointly hosted by chinabuses.org and the Urban Public Transport Branch of China Civil Engineering Society (CCES), Yutong won 2019 China Bus Brand Outstanding Achievements Award. In addition, its T7, U12, and ZK6126 bus & coach models won the annual High-end Star Business Coach Award, 5G Intelligent Star Bus Award and Pilot Autonomous Driving Bus Award.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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