Over 3,300 Units King Long Buses Ordered from Overseas Market in the First Quarter, 2020

March 26,2020

According to King Long, it has already received a combined order of over 3,300 units buses & coaches from overseas customers in the first three months in 2020. 
According to Mr. Lin from King Long, the bus maker started operation on the second day of China’s lunar new year. At the end of February, 96 units negative pressure ambulance vehicles were delivered to customers for operation. 
Apart from making an all out effort to meet a surge in demand for negative pressure ambulance vehicles, King Long has received orders for buses and coaches from Bolivia (788 units buses & coaches with a total value of 45.06 million RMB) and Egypt (752 units buses & coaches with a total value of 33.89 million RMB). So far this year, the bus maker has already delivered 1,785 units buses & coaches with a total value of 160 million RMB to its overseas customers.
“So far this year, we have received orders of over 1,600 units buses & coaches with a total value of over one billion RMB from Saudi Arabia”, revealed Simon Xie, Director of Overseas Marketing of King Long. 
Headquartered in Xiamen, King Long has been strengthening its business in overseas markets for two decades. So far, King Long has established a solid reputation across the globe and its buses and coaches have long become an essential part of many people’s lives in 138 countries and regions.


Source : www.chinabuses.org

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