HIGER Electric City Bus Exported to South Korea in Batches

November 30,2018

On November 29, the Ceremony of Delivery and Shipment of HIGER Electric City Buses Exported to Seoul of Korea took place in the manufacturing base in Suzhou Industrial Park, with first batch of 10 HIGER electric city buses to be shipped to Korea for local public transport. The ceremony was attended by Huang Fuyuan, minister of the Climatic Environment Department of Seoul Municipal Government, Chen Xia, from Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Jin Zhenghuan, president of D Company of South Korea and Xu Jianzhong, Vice General Manger of HIGER.

HIGER Electric City Buses to be Exported to South Korea in Batches

Xu Jianzhong, Vice General Manger of HIGER, said in the ceremony that “This year is the 20th anniversary of HIGER. Assisted and supported by governments at all levels, HIGER has responded positively to “the Belt and Road”, insisted on innovative development and internationalization strategy, accelerated the process of Chinese buses going abroad, developed vigorously the overseas market and established thorough after-sales service stations and supply systems of part supply with our products currently sold to more than 100 countries and regions. The shipment of these electric city buses will provide a new impetus to our intensive cooperation. HIGER will also continue to highlight our cooperation and friendship by excellent products and intimate services.”

Scene of the Ceremony of HIGER Electric City Buses Exported to South Korea in Batches

Chen Xia, on behalf of the Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, expressed congratulations on the export of HIGER electric city buses to South Korea. She said, “HIGER has been committed to the development and research of green and environmentally friendly buses and realized sustainable and rapid development by technological innovation. Suzhou Industrial Park is also actively undertaking the development strategy of new energy vehicles and popularizing low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy buses and it has accumulated some experience. HIGER has played an essential role during the process.” She hoped to deepen exchange and cooperation with Seoul of South Korea in the future so as to contribute to environmental protection and transport development of both sides.

Minister Huang Fuyuan said, “Environmental problems are common and long-running in all countries of the world. Seoul is willing to contribute to environmental protection with cooperative partners in China.” Mr. Jin , president of D Company of South Korea, spoke highly of the excelsior research and development and manufacturing levels of HIGER and affirmed the quality of HIGER electric city buses. He hoped that HIGER would guarantee the normal operation of buses in Seoul as ever in after-sales services.

Minister Huang Fuyuan and his party also took the HIGER electric city buses to be delivered and the 4th generation hydrogen fuel cell buses in the company of Vice General Manger Xu Jianzhong. Minister Huang Fuyuan showed great interest in fuel cell buses and asked product configuration, performance, price and environmental influence in detail.

Xu Jianzhong was introducing working principles of HIGER electric city buses to Huang Fuyuan

This project of electric city buses exported to South Korea was an implementation of “the Belt and Road” that was responded by HIGER positively and an achievement for HIGER new energy buses running in developed countries. As the only Chinese bus brand winning the bidding of buses in Seoul, HIGER paid high attention to the project with repeated surveys in both countries and all kinds of resources mobilized with overtime working to ensure punctual delivery. These electric buses were specially designed for South Korean market with technological superiority such as light weight and high reliability. Particularly, electric sliding plug door, height reduction of one side and high-energy density cell were provided to ensure product performance met cold weather and operating conditions of Seoul.

Huang Fuyuan was on the HIGER electric city bus exported to South Korea

Innovation will never stop, development will not end and quality will become the best. HIGER will proceed to drive domestic and overseas markets by technological innovation. Win-win cooperation will be achieved with cooperative partners through excellent quality and services. Being outstanding from domestic market to international market, HIGER will strive to be a world-leading public transport provider.(www.chinabuses.org)

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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