CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

28 December 2017

Recently, an electric bus manufactured by CRRC officially started its operation at an airport in France. After being recharged for just five minutes, it pulled itself off the recharging facilities and started working.

CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

Bought by CIE, the vehicle is also known as C12, an electric city bus with low floor access. Fully meeting the EU standards, it is mounted with a fast-recharging module at its roof and a 240KW recharging system.

CRRC’s rail transport products have long entered France, having earned a solid reputation. Thanks to this, it is only a matter of time for establishing their presence for CRRC’s new energy buses.

CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

After a series of researches, surveys and negotiations, CRRC successfully secured a deal from CIE.

Thus, the customized electric city bus made by CRRC fully lives up and even exceeds its customer’s expectations. After arriving in France, it is immediately put into operation. A special team of technicians also arrived in the country to make sure its smooth operation.

CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

In consideration for the local operation conditions, CRRC designed a brand new pantograph for recharging its electric vehicle in a fast manner in the daytime and in a slow manner at night, helping operators cut costs.

Also considering the average height of European people, the rearview mirror has been mounted higher to ensure the wider view for drivers. The windows can also be opened for better ventilation for passengers.

CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

What is worth noting is that by adopting a variety of new materials, C12 has a lower body weight, further improving its energy efficiency.

Connected to the internet, C12’s passenger flow counting system monitors the changing number of passengers on board, helping bus operators better manage their vehicles.

T powertrain system, which has been independently developed by CRRC, can also be found on C12. So far, T powertrain systems have successfully made their way to North America, Italy, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Currently, CRRC and CIE are negotiating for their future cooperation.

China, boasting the largest production base of new energy buses, has been maintaining the fastest growing momentum in this emerging field. CRRC, as one of the leading players in the new energy vehicle industry, is determined to make big splashes in the global market.(

CRRC Electric Bus Starts Operation in France

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