350 Units BYD Electric City Buses Start Operation in Beijing

December 26,2017

On December 25, a grand ceremony was held at Majuqiao Bus Terminal in Beijing to mark the official operation of 350 units BYD electric city buses. Operated by Beijing Hengji Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd., these buses are part of Tongzhou District’s great efforts to build a new public transport system powered by electricity.

350 Units BYD Electric City Buses Start Operation in Beijing

Consisting of 284 units 10.5-meter K8 and 66 units 8-meter K7, these buses achieve higher safety standards, deliver better performances and boast more technological ingenuity.

Equipped with wholly aluminum alloy body structures, wheel-hub driving systems, bi-directional inverter discharging-recharging systems, heat management systems for power batteries, electronically controlled air suspensions, recyclable braking, intelligent keys, CAN, disc-braking, roof-mounted integrated AC systems, high-voltage safety protection, BYD electric buses offer its passengers new travelling experiences.

350 Units BYD Electric City Buses Start Operation in Beijing

What is particularly noteworthy is BYD’s unique heat management systems for power batteries, which enable BYD electric buses to work smoothly in various extreme weather conditions and make them highly adaptable to different working conditions. In addition, their electronically controlled air suspensions provide more convenience for its passengers to board and get off the vehicles. Their intelligent keys can easily identify their drivers and start the vehicles by only one press, saving drivers a lot of manual work.

According to BYD, the operation of this batch of electric city buses marks the entry of BYD in the capital’s public transport sector. Each year, they will help the capital cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 21,000 tons and nitrogen oxide by 130 tons, playing a significant role in promoting electric city buses across China.

350 Units BYD Electric City Buses Start Operation in Beijing

In the future, more BYD electric city buses will be put into service in Beijing, helping the capital combating air pollution.

Early this year, Beijing launched 2017 Clean Air Action Initiative. Thanks to the initiative, 350 units BYD electric city buses arrived in Tongzhou to provide greener transport services for local citizens, showing the capital’s great determination to build a modern and environmentally friendly public transport system.

As a leader in new energy commercial vehicle industry, BYD boasts formidable strengths in developing and manufacturing batteries, electric motors, and electric controls. Focusing on promoting electric buses, BYD won 2017 China Auto Industry Technological Innovation Award. Since 2008, no other players in the new energy bus industry have won such a highly-coveted award.(www.chinabuses.org)

350 Units BYD Electric City Buses Start Operation in Beijing

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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