Zhongtong Set to Make a Killing in Overseas High-end Bus Market

June 28,2017

www.chinabuses.org: Early this year, Zhongtong secured an order of 107 units high-end travel coaches from Philippines. According to the bus maker, the last batch of 38 units 12-meter coaches are now on the assembly lines and they will soon be delivered to their customers in Philippines.

In Philippines, it is estimated that the annual demand for buses stands at 1,000-plus units. In the past, the country’s bus market was chiefly dominated by Hino, Nissan, Daewoo, and a few major bus brands from China. Against such a fierce competition, Zhongtong is not deterred. By constantly improving its vehicles’ quality and safety standards as well as their passenger-friendliness, Zhongtong has gradually gained wide recognition among customers. In just a few years, the bus maker has successfully shifted its business from just exporting 8-meter and 9-meter buses to selling 11-meter and 12-meter high-end travel coaches in Philippines. A recent survey shows that its market share in the country has reached 16.8%.

Apart from its booming business in Philippines, Zhongtong is now racing against the clock to deliver over one hundred units vehicles to their customers in Saudi Arabia, making its total export volume exceed 300-plus units in just two months. In fact, Saudi Arabia has long been considered as Zhongtong’s major overseas market. The country has so far imported a large number of city buses and school buses from Zhongtong. The recent order from Saudi Arabia is all about the 12-meter Zhongtong high-end travel coach, which adds another vehicle model on the list of popularity in the country.

Zhongtong luxury double-deckers delivered to Ecuador

At the end of April this year, Zhongtong delivered 50 units luxury double-deckers to Ecuador, making a record high not only in the country’s bus importing history, but also in China exporting such type of vehicles in recent years. According to Zhongtong, the deal was hard won after Zhongtong beat Macopolo S.A., the biggest bus maker in South America.

The deals mentioned above share one thing in common: Zhongtong buses coaches targeted at the high-end market are becoming increasingly popular in the overseas market. The bus maker reveals that it has been attaching paramount importance to developing the high-end bus market abroad in recent years and now its its hard work is paying off. From January to May this year, Zhongtong’s overseas sales went up by 150% year on year and its overseas sales revenue grew by 268% year on year.

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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