Commercial Vehicle Industry Experts Rate ZF "Best Brand 2017"

June 23,2017 Once again, ZF Friedrichshafen AG brought home first place among the annual readers' choice awards for the following magazines: "lastauto omnibus", "trans aktuell" and "FERNFAHRER". Roughly 50 percent of readers share the opinion that ZF is the "Best Brand 2017" in the "Commercial Vehicle Transmission" category. Also, ZF again placed first in the "Retarder" category with 55,6 percent of the votes. Manufacturers, fleet operators and professional drivers unanimously agree that ZF drive systems offer the best quality with the highest level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The commercial vehicle industry considers the "The Best Commercial Vehicles – the Best Brands" readers' choice awards, sponsored by the ETM publishing house, a reliable indicator of a company's image and the quality of its products. After all, companies that want to go home with one or more of the 27 trophies must also win over a large and equally demanding group of judges, namely readers of the magazines "lastauto omnibus", "trans aktuell" and "FERNFAHRER".

Readers ranked ZF first in the "Commercial vehicle transmission" category for the thirteenth consecutive year. Obtaining 50,8 percent of the votes submitted the company from Friedrichshafen continues to hold the clear upper hand in 2017. In the "Retarder" product group, ZF defended its top spot with 55,6 percent of votes cast.

"As a repeat winner in several categories, we are proud to be at the top of the podium again," says Winfried Gründler, Head of the Truck & Van Driveline Technology Business Unit in the ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology Division at the awards ceremony held on June 21, 2017 in Stuttgart. "At the same time, we see such positive feedback as an incentive for us to continue to push forward commercial vehicle innovations with our intelligent mechanical systems. After all, these systems enable us to teach vehicles to see, think and act, making them safer, more efficient and more comfortable over every kilometer driven."

One example of ZF commercial vehicle technology that has already mastered the "SEE – THINK – ACT" actions is the advanced automatic transmission system TraXon which is equipped with the standard, predictive shifting strategy PreVision GPS. This function connects the transmission with GPS data and digital map material. TraXon knows the exact route in advance, including topography, and takes that information into account when selecting the gear shifting points and gears. This saves fuel and prevents unnecessary shifting and stress on the transmission.

The second ZF winner of the evening was the "ZF-Intarder", which confirms the continued importance of this component in the commercial vehicle industry. This wear-free retarder is integrated into the transmission and handles up to 90 percent of all braking actions. It increases vehicle safety while preserving the service brakes and the environment.

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