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December 02,2016

www.chinabuses.org: Since 2009, Zhongtong has been making relentless efforts strengthening its market presence in Indonesia. At the end of 2011, Zhongtong 18-meter natural gas-powered articulated bus successfully won the bid for Jakarta Bus Way No.1 and No.8. In 2012, 66 units Zhongtong gas-powered articulated buses were delivered to Perum Damri, the largest bus operator in Indonesia, for operation. Following the epoch-making deal, Zhongtong secured another deal of 30 units 18-meter articulated buses in Jakarta in 2013 and delivered the vehicles in the same year to its customer.

Currently, a total number of 96 units Zhongtong 18-meter articulated buses are operating smoothly in Jakarta. The earliest batch of such vehicles have been in operation for four years with an accumulated mileage of 400,000 kilometers. Thanks to their consistently reliable performances, Zhongtong has already won wide recognition among many bus operators in Indonesia.

In 2016, Zhongtong struck a deal of 60 units 18-meter articulated buses with Jakarta Public Transport and the vehicles are soon to be put into service in the capital city.

Zhongtong Bus in Indonesia:

Zhongtong LCK6180GC: Recommend

Zhongtong LCK6180GC: Recommend

 Zhongtong LCK6180GC: Recommend

 Zhongtong LCK6180GC: Recommend

Zhongtong LCK6180GC: Recommend


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