Wuzhoulong FDG6128CNG: Recommend "UAE Star" of China Buses

02 December 2016

www.chinabuses.org: Since 2011, Wulonglong has continuously received orders for FDG6128CNG gas buses from UAE customer. Based on the thorough understanding of local road condition and climate of the UAE, the company continually integrates new technologies, new materials and new technologies to match the market demand. WuzhouLong also provide tailored solution proposal for the local new energy bus, won more UAE customers’s favor.In 2013, Wuzhoulong offered great support for service station set up in the UAE, established service stations  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Point, providing a stable technical output and after-sales service for the smooth operation of the local bus.

Wuzhoulong Bus in Philippine:

Wuzhoulong FDG6128CNG: Recommend

Wuzhoulong FDG6128CNG: Recommend

Wuzhoulong FDG6128CNG: Recommend

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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