177 Units King Long Electric Buses Start Operation in Haikou

September 23,2020

On September 21, a grand ceremony was held in Haikou to mark the delivery of 177 units King Long electric buses to Haikou Public Transport Group. According to sources, they will be immediately put into operation to provide greener and more convenient transportation services for local citizens. Those physically challenged passengers will find King Long electric buses very convenient thanks to their special boarding ramps.

All the 177 units King Long electric buses fall into three models, namely XMQ6850BGBEVM2, XMQ6106AGBEVL31 and XMQ6106AGBEVM2, all of which are fully equipped with fire extinguishing devices on board. When emergencies occurs, pressing one button can break the vehicle’s window glass to ensure the safety of passengers and bus drivers.

A alarming system is also available on King Long electric buses to prevent bus drivers from working with fatigue, smoking or using smartphones. An upgraded electronically controlled rear-view mirror help bus drivers have a wider view. A tire-pressure monitoring system will send alarms to bus drivers when too high, too low pressure or too high temperatures are recorded inside the tires.

King Long electric buses can be recharged in slow mode (about 90 minutes) or quick mode (about 30 minutes). After being recharged in a quick mode, the bus is able to drive an average distance of 160 km. When it is recharged slowly, it can drive an average distance of 370 km.

King Long started providing buses to Haikou in 2012. In just eight years, the number of King Long buses has made up almost one quarter of the bus fleet in Haikou.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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