Zhongtong Seeks New Development Mode in Tourist Transportation Market

July 10,2020

On July 3, Zhongtong held a press conference themed with Higher Craftsmanship, Better Future in Hangzhou. Over 100 bus experts, industrial insiders and tourist transportation service providers in Hangzhou and Jiaxing attended the conference. Zhongtong LCK6139H5QA1, LCK6126H5QA1, LCK6906H5A1 were also revealed to the public at the conference.

As one of its major development projects earlier this year, LCK6139H5QA1 has made improvements in 76 areas. Thanks to this, nearly 1,000 units were sold in the first half this year.

LCK6906H5A1 is Zhongtong’s fourth generation luxury coach. With more attractive designs and more powerful driveline, the coach achieves higher energy efficiency and higher safety standards.

“We will continue to improve the quality of our products and enhance their performances in a number of areas, aiming to help bus operators further upgrade the domestic tourist transportation market”, said Zhang Youyi, General Manager of Zhongtong Southeast China Marketing.

In late May this year, Zhongtong successfully won an order of 50 units travel coaches from Hangzhou, fully demonstrating the recognition it has won from the market.

During the conference, participants exchanged views on market trends and demands in the post-COVID-19 era.

According to 2020 China’s Central Government’s work report, more efforts will be made this year to promote the sound and sustainable development the tourist industry. As everything returns to normal, it is expected that the number of domestic tourists will witness a quick rebound in the coming months.

“The COVID-19 has brought some new business opportunities. Rural tourism, tourism in some natural resorts and health-oriented tourism will continue to enjoy a rising popularity among people. Against such a backdrop, bus makers and bus operators should grasp the opportunities to seek new ways of development”, said Xiong Yanwu, a senior researcher from China’s Ministry of Transport. He also pointed out that the internet should be further incorporated in the tourist transportation market to provider passengers with more comfortable and more convenient travel experiences.

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